Adding an extra dimension:  Generating business insights and solutions through 3D, experiential and systemic learning methods.

Working with 3D objects generates deeper insights for business planning and reflection on critical challenges or opportunities. Through the 3D mapping of the wider system in which challenges or opportunities are situated, clarity on the current situation is achieved and allows to identify steps to achieve change subsequently. Through movement in the table top maps, mapping out systems, timelines and business models with floor markers, mental maps are being changed and solution maps emerge. Participants of our programmes go away with an image and felt sense of the change they work towards, and having learned a process they can use for self-coaching.

Coaching - Workshops - Professional Communities - Coaching Supervision

Comments from clients

‘I couldn’t really imagine that it would be any different to marking things out on paper like we usually do, but to actually seeing our world in a 3D perspective somehow made a much deeper impression, it is a very useful tool. The constellation map enabled us to visualise our position in relation to the forces around us. It made me realise that our biggest strength is also our greatest vulnerability. I don’t think I had ever looked at our position like that before’. (Small Business Owner)

‘A different and unique approach to exploring work challenges especially around trying to achieve change. The key benefit is the ability to step away from, or perhaps sit above the situation to give new insight.' (Managing Director)

'It is a wonderful tool I have now in my tool box, and I can apply it immediately.' (Entrepreneur)

‘I have a clear picture in my mind of the current situation and the situation I am working towards to which I can continually refer to. This strengthens my resolve and focuses my energy. Thank you very much for an excellent workshop that far exceeded my expectation. I am already feeling the benefits of using this approach and intend to continue using it and encourage others to try it.’ (Career coaching client)

‘The physical aspect does achieve new ways of thinking surprisingly. Having a limited amount of objects and having to group aspects enabled to lift up the requirements and conflicting needs of a large number of people into a few groups. Found that helpful to get some clarity as I had to be generic about the dynamics that were going on.’ (CFO)

'I work a lot with my clients on opening up new perspectives to a 'topic', but had never used anything so practical as this before. It is the wider system that is sometimes hard for the client to visualise and understand its impact on the topic.' (Executive Coach)

‘For the first exercise I formulated a question for myself which I thought was quite complicated and therefore did not expect to resolve it. However, working through it using the table top map simplified the issue for me. It was like putting glasses on that I didn't know I needed; I suddenly saw the issue with clarity. If I changed my mindset on one element then I could move ahead.’ (Career Coaching Client)

‘The relationship between objects emphasized where distance was needed and where priorities should lie.’ (Sales Director)
‘Forces attention to certain issues that people may not readily bring to light otherwise.’ (Business consultant)

‘This is a refreshing method for tackling difficult challenges and broadens out one's perspectives. I would recommend it as a novel way of solving a variety of intractable problems’. (CFO)

‘It gave me a new perspective on conflicting pressures and priorities. Putting it in 3D made it feel very different and immediate’. (Small Business Owner)